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Mark Sanford Visits Argentine Lover, No Need To Hike Appalachian Trail

by @ Thursday, May 13th, 2010. Filed under Dumbasses, Mark Sanford, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

In a word, pathetic: Gov. Mark Sanford said Wednesday he spent last weekend in Florida with his Argentine lover, seeing if their relationship could be “restarted.” Sanford discussed the trip – first reported Sunday by an anonymous e-mailer to the Gawker Web site – because he said he thought the public should know that he […]

In Retrospect, This Should’ve Been A Warning Sign

by @ Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010. Filed under Dumbasses, Mark Sanford, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Jenny Sanford remembers her wedding day: South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford recalls how she made the “leap of faith” to marry husband Gov. Mark Sanford even though the groom refused to promise to be faithful, insisting that the clause be removed from their wedding vows. “It bothered me to some extent, but … we […]

Mark Sanford Acknowledges The Blindingly Obvious

by @ Thursday, September 24th, 2009. Filed under 2012 Election, Mark Sanford, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

South Carolina Republicans To Mark Sanford: Please Leave Now

by @ Friday, September 11th, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Mark Sanford, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

The South Carolina Republican Party doesn’t want Mark Sanford around anymore: COLUMBIA, S.C., Sept. 10 — South Carolina Republican Party leaders voted Thursday to ask Gov. Mark Sanford to resign. State GOP media adviser Joel Sawyer said that 31 out of the 46 executive committee members agreed to send a letter to the Republican governor […]

The Mark Sanford Mess Gets Even More Pathetic

by @ Thursday, September 3rd, 2009. Filed under Mark Sanford, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Now, supporters of Lt. Governor Andre Bauer are saying that Sanford and his supporters are spreading rumors about Bauer’s personal life: In a letter to South Carolina legislators, a prominent state senator Thursday said Gov. Mark Sanford’s supporters were behind recent Internet rumors that Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer is gay. And he encouraged the General […]

Mark Sanford: God Is On My Side

by @ Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Mark Sanford, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Can someone please tell Mark Sanford to shut the f**k up already: Embattled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford acknowledged Tuesday that he has been shaken by the failure of a single fellow Republican to back him in his fight to save his job, but vowed to fight on for conservative causes and for “what God […]

The Vultures Are Circling Over Mark Sanford

by @ Sunday, August 30th, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Mark Sanford, Politics

South Carolina Republicans are meeting this week to discuss efforts to remove Mark Sanford from the Governor’s Mansion: Fifty-six Republican members of the South Carolina state House met Saturday in Myrtle Beach, and not a single one voiced support for embattled Republican Gov. Mark Sanford, numerous sources inside the meeting told POLITICO. But despite a […]

The Downfall Of Mark Sanford Continues

by @ Wednesday, August 26th, 2009. Filed under Dumbasses, Mark Sanford, Politics

Now, South Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor is calling on him to resign: COLUMBIA – Lt. Gov. andre Bauer announced today he is asking Gov. Mark Sanford to resign, saying “serious misconduct” by Sanford as well as “continuing distractions” are making it impossible for the state to move forward. Bauer promised he would forgo his own plans […]

Mark Sanford Pays The Price

by @ Thursday, August 13th, 2009. Filed under In The News, Mark Sanford, Politics

The Governor of South Carolina admits that hiking the Appalachian Trail was way too costly: (CNN) – South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford opened up about the state of his family on Wednesday — the first time he has done so since his wife, Jenny, moved out of the governor’s mansion last week. Asked during a […]

Mark Sanford Explains His Position On Spending

by @ Monday, April 13th, 2009. Filed under Credit Crisis, Economics, Mark Sanford, Politics

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has taken to the airwaves to explain why he is turning down a large portion of the stimulus money designated for his state: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford went on the offense in his prolonged battle with the Obama administration over the economic stimulus act, appearing in a new ad […]

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