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Obama Leads GOP 2012 Rivals In Virginia

Barack Obama made history two years ago when he became the first Democrat to win Virginia in a Presidential election since Lyndon Johnson, but Democrats have suffered in the two years since then. In 2009, Republicans swept all three statewide offices by overwhelming margins and, this month, the nationwide Republican wave turned flipped three Congressional […]

Dear Mike Huckabee: We Libertarians Don’t Like You All That Much Either

by @ Monday, November 8th, 2010. Filed under Libertarians, Mike Huckabee, Political Parties, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has taken upon himself on many occasions to directly attack the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. For example, in the aftermath of his failed bid for the 2008 GOP nomination Huckabee, had this to say: The greatest threat to classic Republicanism is not liberalism; it’s this new brand of […]

The Post Where I Actually Agree With Mike Huckabee

by @ Thursday, August 12th, 2010. Filed under Immigration, Mike Huckabee, Politicos & Pundits, Politics

It was bound to happen at some point, but I agree completely with Mike Huckabee’s take on the “birthright citizenship” debate: (CNN) – Mike Huckabee says he’s against changing portions of the Constitution that automatically grant citizenship to children of immigrants born in the United States – a position that puts the potential 2012 Republican […]

Republicans v. The First Amendment

Dan Kennedy at The Guardian takes a look at the extent to which the current front runners for the 2012 Republican nomination have adopted a view of America that is radically at odds with the First Amendment: If you’re part of secular America – that is, if you’re an atheist, an agnostic, a religious liberal […]

Sarah Palin Falls To Fourth Place In Latest GOP 2012 Poll

The 2012 GOP New Hampshire Primary Will Be Mitt Romney’s To Lose

Just under two years out, Mitt Romney is the prohibitive favorite in the Granite State’s GOP primary: One of the biggest blows to Mitt Romney’s hopes for being the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee was his losing the neighboring state of New Hampshire. Right now it doesn’t look like that would be a problem for him […]

CNN Polls 2012: Obama Leads Everyone, Huckabee Leads Republicans, Almost Nobody Likes Sarah

There’s a new CNN/Opinion Dynamics poll out today about the 2012 race, and it shows that President Obama continues to lead all potential Republican challengers: Barack Obama 53 vs. Mitt Romney 45 Barack Obama 54 vs. Mike Huckabee 45 Barack Obama 55 vs. Sarah Palin 42 Barack Obama 55 vs. Newt Gingrich 43 Among Republicans, […]

Republicans Faced With A Weak Field For 2012

Republican activists who attended the Southern Republican Leadership Conference this past weekend don’t seem too thrilled with the 2012 contenders they saw: NEW ORLEANS — Southern Republicans wrapped up a three-day meeting in New Orleans on Saturday unified in fervent opposition to President Barack Obama, but wide open at this early stage about whom they […]

Mitt Romney: GOP 2012 Frontrunner ?

After writing about the results of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll, James Joyner makes the case that Mitt Romney is now the favorite to win the 2012 Republican nomination: I continue to think Romney has the clearest path to the 2012 nomination, despite Palin’s status as the Republican that draws the biggest crowds […]

Mitt Romney Beats Ron Paul By One Vote In SRLC Straw Poll

Mitt Romney didn’t bother to speak at this weekend’s Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, but he still managed to pull off a razor-thin victory in the straw poll: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney defeated Texas Rep. Ron Paul by a single vote in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference’s 2012 straw poll on Saturday. […]

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