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Rutgers Women Ready To Put Imus Behind Them

by @ Sunday, October 28th, 2007. Filed under 2007 Women's Final Four, College Sports, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Sports

After a Cinderella season that saw them make to the NCAA Championship Game only to see that overshadowed by an off-the-cuff remark by a shock-jock, the Rutgers women’s basketball team is back on the Court and ready to put the whole incident behind them: NEW YORK (AP) — With the first day of practice, coach […]

Rutgers Women’s Basketball Player Files Frivolous Lawsuit Against Don Imus

I’m a Rutgers University Alumnus. I cheered for the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team during their drive to the Final Four. I think that Don Imus was a complete and total idiot for saying what he did about them. Nonetheless, I think this ranks among one of the most frivolous lawsuits I’ve seen in some time: […]

Rutgers Team Skips Clinton Meeting

Hillary Clinton was in New Jersey yesterday and went to the Rutgers campus, but the women’s basketball team didn’t meet with her: NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton finally dropped by Rutgers to meet with the school’s women’s basketball coach — but the players themselves skipped the half-hour meeting, citing their studies and […]

The Rutgers Women Speak Out On Imus

After a week in which pretty much everyone else had their say on the controversy surrounding Don Imus’s remarks about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, the team itself spoke out today: Rutgers University’s women’s basketball players today strongly criticized talk show host Don Imus for making racist and sexist remarks about the team. But they […]

Rutgers Comes Up Short

by @ Wednesday, April 4th, 2007. Filed under 2007 Women's Final Four, College Sports, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, Sports

It was a nice ride, but ultimiately, the Rutgers women’s basketball team came up short: CLEVELAND, April 3 — Before the national championship game on Tuesday night, Tennessee Coach Pat Summitt talked of her search for answers. She had earned her legendary status by specializing in the art of dynasty building, but nine seasons had […]

Go Rutgers ! Beat Tennessee !

Tonight’s the night, for the first time ever Rutgers will have a women’s basketball team playing for the National Championship: CLEVELAND (AP) — A combined 1,723 wins and 69 seasons of coaching experience will meet on women’s basketball’s biggest stage. On Tuesday, a national title will be up for grabs for good friends and Hall […]

Rutgers 59 LSU 35

It’s been a long time coming, but Rutgers is one game away from it’s first NCAA team championship in 58 years: CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — C. Vivian Stringer is just one win away from that elusive championship she’s been chasing for 25 years, with a Rutgers team even she didn’t believe would make a run […]

Go Rutgers ! Beat LSU !

Tonight at 7pm, the Rutgers will face LSU in the Women’s Final Four. To say that anticipation is high up in New Jersey is putting it mildly. I went into downtown New Brunswick on Saturday and, thanks in large part I’m sure to the success of the football team last year, I can honestly say […]

Those Rutgers Girls Roll Over Arizona

Quite honestly, it really wasn’t a contest: GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Good Knight, Rutgers! C. Vivian Stringer and her scrappy Scarlet Knights are headed to the Final Four. Kia Vaughn had 17 points and 10 rebounds while dominating the paint to power Rutgers to a 64-45 victory over Arizona State on Monday night in the […]

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