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It’s All Over But The Voting

Polls are now open in Virginia and, as this post publishes, I am likely standing in line waiting to vote. If you live in Virginia and don’t know where your polling place is, you can find it here. Polls in Virginia open at 6am and close at 7pm. And if you’re looking for guidance on […]

Pre-Election Litigation In Virginia

Two legal developments that may have an impact on the election in Virginia. First, a Federal Judge has rejected a bid by the NAACP to extend voting hours in response to anticipated heavy turnout: A federal judge has refused to order longer voting hours in Virginia and reallocation of voting machines to black precincts in […]

The Battle For Virginia Enters The Final Hours

Barack Obama and John McCain continue to fight it out for the Old Dominion’s thirteen Electoral Votes: As the two major presidential candidates made a final, urgent push for Virginia’s 13 electoral votes, Sen. John McCain appeared before an energized crowd in Springfield, and Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign announced that he will hold his final […]

Obama To Hold Final Campaign Rally At Prince William Fairgrounds

The question has been answered. The final rally of Barack Obama’s campaign for President will be held Monday night at the Prince William County Fairgrounds: Barack Obama will hold his final campaign rally at the Prince William Fairgrounds in the Manassas area Monday night. The event will begin at 9 p.m., with gates opening at […]

More Reports Of Heavy Early Turnout In Virginia

Today, it was a five hour wait in the City of Richmond to vote absentee: In heavily-Democratic Richmond City, there was a five-hour wait today to vote in-person by absentee ballot. Hundreds of people, many in walkers and wheelchairs, waited in a line that snaked around City Hall. “I wouldn’t be able to come Tuesday […]

Well, They Must Be Confident Then

Barack Obama is spending the last weekend of the campaign fighting for votes in states that usually go Republican: COLUMBIA, Mo. — When Senator Barack Obama’s plane took off from here on Friday morning, after a large rally one night earlier, Democrats might have been justified in assuming it was his final visit to Missouri, […]

Heavy Turnout For Absentees In Virginia And Maryland

If the number of people turning out to vote absentee is any indication, voter turnout is going to reach record levels this year: In Virginia and all across the Washington region, tens of thousands of people spent another day yesterday standing in line to vote by absentee ballot for John McCain or Barack Obama in […]

Obama To Hold Final Campaign Rally In Prince William County

Remember what I said yesterday about Prince William County being Ground Zero in the battle for Virginia ? Well, the Obama campaign must agree, because they’ll be here Monday night for their final rally of the campaign: Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama announced tonight his final event of the campaign will take place Monday evening […]

Virginia’s Absentee Vote Surges

Virginia doesn’t have early-voting, but that apparently hasn’t stopped a record number of people from, well, voting early: Not only has voter registration soared in Virginia, more than 300,000 people have already cast absentee ballots. At a news briefing today in Richmond, officials with the State Board of Elections said the number of absentee ballots […]

Just So It Doesn’t Run Through My Living Room

The Washington Post’s Marc Fisher searches for the border between Northern Virginia and what the McCain Campaign has called “real” Virginia: That elusive line is out here somewhere, and I’m asking people to help me find the border between red and blue, between “real Virginia” and, well, what — fake Virginia? “I call it New […]

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