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Gilmore Goes After Warner Over Bailout Plan

There hasn’t been much good news for Jim Gilmore lately. He’s far behind in the polls, has barely enough money to run an effective media campaign, and just isn’t getting the media attention that he would if his race against Mark Warner were closer. So, it’s not surprising that he took the opportunity of last […]

Rasmussen On Va. Senate: Warner 60% Gilmore 34%

Along with the poll that came out earlier this week, there’s yet more evidence that the Virginia Senate race is, for all purposes, effectively over: There are no surprises in the latest polling on the U.S. Senate race in Virginia. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds former Democratic Governor Mark Warner’s with 60% of […]

Put A Fork In Jim Gilmore, He’s Done

by @ Wednesday, September 24th, 2008. Filed under 2008 Virginia Senate Race, Jim Gilmore, Mark Warner, Virginia, Virginia Politics

There was a time when I thought that Jim Gilmore was the Virginia Republican Party’s best hope for holding on to John Warner’s Senate seat. I wasn’t a fan of Tom Davis‘s at the time, and when he decided to back out of the race after the state GOP chose a convention over a primary, […]

Warner Agrees To Another Debate With Gilmore

After being criticized for backing out of the League of Women Voters debate, Mark Warner has agreed to one more debate with Jim Gilmore: Democratic Senate Candidate Mark R. Warner has agreed to participate in a televised debate with his GOP opponent, James S. Gilmore III, that may be aired statewide. Although details are still […]

Warner Responds To Gilmore

by @ Tuesday, September 9th, 2008. Filed under 2008 Virginia Senate Race, Jim Gilmore, Mark Warner, Virginia, Virginia Politics

Yesterday Jim Gilmore came out with his first television ad of the campaign, and, today, Mark Warner is out with a response: Democratic Senate Candidate Mark R. Warner has responded to the ad that his GOP opponent, former governor James S. Gilmore III, is airing in television markets down state. In Warner’s ad, a narrator […]

Gilmore Launches First Ad Buy

Tim Craig reports that Jim Gilmore’s campaign has launched it’s first television commercial of the campaign: As reported in Monday’s Washington Post, Republican Senate Candidate James S. Gilmore III has begun airing his first campaign commercial. In the ad, which is airing in television markets downstate but not in Northern Virginia, a narrator criticizes Democratic […]

The Warner-Gilmore Battle Begins

Both Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore spent Labor Day at the parade in Buena Vista, where modern Virginia fall campaigns have traditionally started: BUENA VISTA, Va., Sept. 1 — Virginia’s top Senate candidates clashed verbally after marching in this city’s annual Labor Day parade, kicking off a general election campaign that threatens to become overshadowed […]

Mark Warner’s Keynote Mostly A Dud

by @ Wednesday, August 27th, 2008. Filed under 2008 Election, Mark Warner, Politics

I didn’t get a chance to watch former Governor Mark Warner’s keynote address to the Democratic National Convention last night, but it appears that I didn’t miss much: DENVER, Aug. 26 — Mark R. Warner held up Virginia as a model for good government and warned during his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention […]

Warner Voters For McCain

The WaPo’s Mark Fisher notes that many of the people supporting Mark Warner for Senate are having a hard time rallying around Barack Obama: In interviews in some evenly-split areas of Fairfax County, I encountered quite a few Democrats and Republicans alike who are Warner admirers, but have deep doubts about Obama. In some of […]

Obama’s Veep Search: Clues Or Feints ?

Two stories out today are stoking yet more speculation about the identity of Barack Obama’s Vice-Presidential running mate. First, CNN reports that both Evan Bayh and Joe Biden have been given prominent speaking roles at the convention: (CNN) — The two senators widely believed to be at the top of Barack Obama’s shortlist for VP […]

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