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Comment Policy

by @ 1:01 am on May 3, 2007.

When I first established Below The Beltway, I intended it to be an open forum. I would write about things that interested me, and I would publish comments from anyone who wanted to respond to what I said. Agree with me, disagree with me. Frankly, I don’t care. For the most part, that idea has worked.

Nonetheless, there are a few rules that I have decided to establish.

1. It’s my blog, and I’ll ban when I want to.

So far, I haven’t had to worry about banning anyone here and I hope I’ll never have to. I welcome opposing opinions. Hell, opposing opinions usually just give me another reason to argue for what I believe in. Like I said, I love writing about what I believe in. However, I won’t tolerate personal attacks on others who comment here, or, quite honestly, myself.

2. When it comes to trackbacks, the rules are pretty simple.

If you link to one of my posts, then I’m happy to allow the trackback. However, I will delete any trackback that doesn’t link to this cite. Trackback spam is just as bad a comment spam, and I’m not going to allow it.

3. I’ve established comment moderation, deal with it.

The basic rule is this. If you haven’t commented before, you need to provide some information and then the comment will, most likely, be approved.

And, if you wait, you’re too late.

As things stand right now, any post that hasn’t had a comment in 75 days will be blocked by Comment Timeout, and, honestly, that simple change has cut comment spam significantly.

I don’t like closing comments in this manner, but a comment thread that has been dead for more than two months is dead already.

Update 12/14/2007:

4. Off-topic comments will be deleted at the discretion of the moderator

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